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Please do not use this for listed properties as we will make offers through your agent if interested.



Do you want to sell your house fast and for cash?  We buy houses in any condition and will not request ANY repairs.  We will make you an offer within 24 hours and can close a few days after that. We have purchased nearly a thousand homes and will provide proof of cash to close with the offer.     


If you just want to sell your home quickly please let us know and we will make an offer today. 


We buy Real Estate...any price, any condition! Quick Cash!



Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


Q. Where do you buy properties?


A. We buy property in and around Athens, Georgia.  This includes Clarke, Oconee, Jackson, Barrow, Walton, Madison, Oglethorpe, Greene, Walton, Elbert and Hart Counties.  We will consider other areas as well.

Q. What kind of properties do you purchase?


A. We purchase any and all types of property. This includes homes, condos, land and commercial property. 


Q. If I give you information about my property, am I required to sell it to you?


A. Absolutely not, supplying your information does not obligate you to sell your home.


Q. Do you want seller financing,  lease to own, rent to own, lease purchase or other creative financing?


A. No.  We buy home as-is and cash to you.  We sometimes will get a loan when buying your home but most the times just pay cash. We never will ask you to participate in a 'creative' deal.  We know you want to just sell your home quick and that is what we offer.


Q. How much will you charge me?


A. We charge you NO fees to purchase your property.


Q. What price range of properties do you purchase?


A. We purchase property in all price ranges however most of the homes we purchase are less than $200,000.


Q. How much will you pay me?


A. We are dedicated to making you a fast cash offer that will be "win, win" for both of us. We are committed to providing you the fastest, possible, stress-free sale which will allow you to sell your home quickly and without doing any work or repairs.  How much we can pay for your home or property will be based on many factors. We are a wholesale buyer so cannot pay full retail for your home but you will not pay commission, closing costs or have to make repairs so in many cases this more then makes up for the discounted price.  The major factors include the location and recent sales in that area, repairs needed, how quickly you need to sell, and the market conditions.


Q.  Are you a real estate firm?  Do you just want to list my home?


A. We are a licensed real estate company (Firm H-63817, License 321546) however our goal is not to list your home.  We are local, professional real estate investors looking to buy your property. We do not charge any fees or commissions if we buy your home directly from you. You have no obligation to accept our offer.  If you do not accept our offer, you certainly have the option to list your home with us and we will help you sell it however if we buy a home from you direct, no commission is charged.


Q.  How is this different then listing my home?



A.  In traditional real estate sales, a real estate agent "lists" your property, and it can take months or years for the agent to find you a qualified buyer, and even months more until the sale closes but if you accept an offer from us the closing will occur as quickly as two days but typically about two weeks.  The real estate broker typically charges 6-7% in commission to sale your home plus you typically have to pay closing costs up to 5% of the sales price.  If you sale your home directly to us these large cost are eliminated. 


Q.  How do I know you will make an offer and close on my home?


We will not waste your time. We will not ask you to do any repairs. We are not buying your property to live in it. If we say we will close, we will. We are professional buyers, who have the money, and experience to do what we say we are going to do. We will handle the purchase of your property, honestly and efficiently. We want to relieve your stress, so you can move on with your life.. We will at no charge, fee, or commission, present you with a positive solution that is “win, win” for both of us.


Q.  Who will I be dealing with?


A.  Robert Scott is the principle contact on all home purchases.  You will deal direct with him on your home sale.  Please see his reviews from Zillow.com on the 'homes for sale' page and his experience and references on his Linkedin page.









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Rob toured my home and made an offer that was fair for both of us the same day. Sent the documents online and I reviewed and signed the same day. 12 days latter the deal was closed. This was my 9th closing when buying or selling a house and was by far the fastest and easiest. He and the law firm closed the deal without me even having to attend. I was able to sign the papers with two witnesses and a notary. There were no closing costs which was a first, I have not been able before to refinance without at least $2000 in closing costs. The closing firm paid off my remaining mortgage and even deposited the equity in the bank for me. I was also very pleased to know that the house I was giving up will be completely remodeled and returned to pristine condition. I am very pleased with this whole deal. Sincerely, Alan Massengill


Service provided
Listed and sold a home or lot/land


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122 Willow Bend Cir, Saltillo, MS 38866











"I sold my home to Mr. Scott. It was a zero stress transaction which is what I really needed. He made us an extremely fair offer, and considering what I would have gone through to get the house ready to sell ,putting it on the market, and making two house payments until mine sold, I believe that Mr. Scott gave me a great alternative. I appreciate it. I believe that in this market, if you need to sell your house, this is definitely worth a try. I have no regrets. Far from it. I'm now living in my new home and don't have to worry about when of if my old home sells. Thanks, Rob."  James H. of Bogart, GA.

"Robert Scott was extremely responsive to all correspondence. He was honest and upfront in all of the dealings we had with him concerning the sale/purchase of my mother-in-laws property. I would highly recommend him to others."  Kevin H. of Athens, GA.







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